Thursday, March 31, 2005

thoughts at the nude beach

1) Why are people so rude?

Different people are rude for different reasons. Here a few rudeness causes I can think of (I'm sure there are more):

A) The rude jerk was raised by a rude family or spends each day with rude coworkers or is married to a rude spouse and has been dealing with it for so long it's rubbed off. This person is honestly unaware that he is rude and thinks he's being completely normal because rudeness has become normal in his life.

B) The jerk is miserable and consciously or subconsciously wants to make other people miserable. Seeing others react to her rudeness helps take the misery down a slight notch.

C) The person is generally not rude, but is in an unusual situation that draws rudeness out. He might be intentionally using the rudeness as a social hint, "I don't like you standing that close," etc.

D) Another case in which the rude perpetrator isn't a rude jerk overall: cases of extreme stress. We've all been there. You have a hard day and if one more thing goes wrong you're going to explode. Then the thing goes wrong and you do explode and well, whoever is in your general vicinity probably thinks you're being rude at that moment.

E) The jerk is self-centered and because you don't matter in her eyes she doesn't care how she treats you. These rude people are the hardest to handle because honestly, doesn't it hurt your feelings? These are the people who may know you think they are rude and honestly, don't care because to them, their opinion is all that matters .

I also think that technology (yes, the sweet sweet technology that I love) has allowed people to act more rudely in general. Recently someone I know, who has never been anything but nice to me in person, came online and wrote that I "suck ass." Would she have said that in a face-to-face encounter? It's doubtful. With telephones and email and even cars, we are given the opportunity to be as rude as we please without having to directly face any consequences.

2) Why does it never occur to people who think their religion is right that everyone else on Earth feels the same way?

At some point I think it does occur to most peopleto go to the BIG TITS house, at least the ones I've spoken with. Once the idea is brought up there are two choices--continue to believe that your religion alone is right or accept that no one way is the only right way. For the people who continue on with the first, I think it's because they seek out evidence in favor of their religion or in opposition to others. Hopefully this quest is a genuine search for truth and not just a way to stifle fear.